Ungkapan Bahasa Inggris dalam Pertandingan Sepakbola

Ungkapan Bahasa Inggris dalam Pertandingan Sepakbola

Setiap orang Indonesia mencintai Sepakbola. Tidak ada seorang pun sepertinya tidak melihat sepakbola baik itu di televisi, internet dan platform lainnya. Nah, skrng kita akan membahas frasa atau ungkapan bahasa Inggris dalam pertandingan sepakbola. Dikutip dari myenglishlanguage ini adalah beberapa ungkapannya:

General English Football Vocabulary

Footballer, player, manager, player-manager, coach

Squad, team, first team, reserves, substitutes

Supporters, crowd, fans

Match, game, commentator, club, team

The attack, forward, striker, attacker, target man

The defense, defender, fullback, right back, left back, central defender, centre half, sweeper

The midfield, midfielder, winger

Goalkeeper, keeper, goalie

Referee, ref, linesman / lineswoman, forth official

Pitch, ground, stands, stadium, terrace

Booked, sent off, red card, yellow card, foul, hand ball, obstruction, trip, push

Offside, disallowed, ruled out

Throw-in, goal kick, corner kick, free kick, penalty, direct / indirect free kick, defensive wall

Own goal, hat-trick, brace

Corner flag, goal mouth, touch line, penalty box / penalty area / the box / the area, post, cross bar, net

Half time, full time, final whistle

Dressing room, changing room, dugout

Kit, shirt, shorts, socks, football boots, studs, shin pads/guards

Man of the match, player of the match

The football league, the premiership, the women’s super league (WSL), the champions’ league, non-league

FA Cup, League Cup, World Cup, European Championships, Coppa America, African Nations

FA (Football Association – body governing men’s football in England)

WFA (Women’s football association – body governing women’s football in England)

PFA (Professional Footballers’ Association)

UEFA – Union of European Football Associations

FIFA – Fédération Internationale de Football Association (trans. International Association of Association Football)

Premier League – top division in men’s football

Championship – second division in men’s football

WSL / Women’s Super League – top division in women’s football

a tackle, a pass, a header, a cross, a shot, a lob, a back pass, a dive, a deflection, a deflected shot, an interception

to shoot, to score, to tackle, to cross, to pass, to dive, to intercept

three-two, one-nil, two all, a draw, a score draw, won (to win), lost (to lose), drew (to draw)

English football vocabulary and phrases

Common slang phrases

‘on the bench’ – a substitute

‘a dive’ – pretending to be fouled by falling over

‘an early bath’ – left the pitch early, sent off

‘early doors’ – early in the match

‘a shimmy’ – to shuffle the feet to confuse another player

‘a one-two’ – a fast, one-touch move where a player passes the ball to a team mate and receives the ball straight back again

‘to get a red card’ – to be sent off

‘to get a yellow card’ – to be booked

‘It’s hit the bar’ – the shot hit the cross bar

‘a tap in’ – an easy goal where a player just taps the ball into the net from close range

‘a nutmeg’ – a cheeky move where a player passes the ball through another player’s legs

‘He’s scored a brace of goals’ – he’s scored two goals in the same match

‘That’s a hat-trick’ – when someone has scored three goals in the same match

‘On the edge of the area’ – on the edge of the penalty box

Football phrases you might want to use

Which team do you support?

Did you see that tackle?

That must be a penalty!

How long until half time?

How long have they been playing?

I can’t believe he didn’t score from there!

Football phrases you may hear on television or at a live match

The ref has blown his whistle for half time

He’s crossed it into the box

He’s brought him down and that will surely mean a yellow card

That’s a good run

The goal has been disallowed

The score is one – nil

It’s a draw

English Vocabulary for Soccer / Football Commentary

It’s great being able to speak with your friends about a soccer match, but if you’re really a huge soccer fan then you need to understand the newsas well. And of course you also have to understand the commentator.

Clinical finish: (Noun) A very well-controlled shot at goal that results in a goal.

Commentator: (Noun) The person who reports every move of the game while it is happening.

Keep possession: (Verb) When one team plays well and has the ball more than the other team.

Long-ball game: (Noun) It is when a team continues to kick long passes. A long-ball game is very boring to watch. This is a negative term.

One-touch football: (Noun) This is used in a way to show admiration for one team that successfully manages to pass the ball with only one touch.

Prolific goal scorer: (Noun) A player who is very successful in scoring goals in almost every game.

Put eleven men behind the ball: (Phrase/verb) When a team is more interested in defending than scoring a goal.

Replay: (Verb/Noun) To show the video again to the TV viewers.

Underdog: (Noun) The team people think are going to lose.

English Vocabulary for Casual Football / Soccer Talk with Friends

Learn how to chat casually with your friends about a game you’re watching or playing with these cool English words and slang phrases.

Get stuck in: (Verb/phrase) To play hard with a lot of determination.

Have a lot of pace: (Verb/phrase) To be quick.

Have a sweet left foot: (Verb/phrase) To say that a person is very skilled at kicking and scoring with their left foot.

Man on! (Noun) A warning that you can use to shout out to your teammate to tell him that another player is right behind them.

Pull off a great/amazing save: (Verb/phrase) To be able to save a ball that many people expected to be a goal.

Put it in the back of the net: (Verb/Phrase) To score a goal.

We were robbed! (Phrase/expression) You use this phrase when you believe the game was unfair.


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